LEATplex - A Minecraft minigames server

Currently supporting Java Edition 1.20.4 and Bedrock Edition 1.20.40 - 1.20.51

Connecting to the server

You no longer need a custom port! Do not specify a port for Java Edition and use the default (19132) for Bedrock Edition.

Java Edition:

Add a server in the Multiplayer menu with the above IP.

Bedrock Edition:

Add a server with the above IP and the default port (19132).



Make sure you have correctly entered the server information before continuing
Java Edition
  1. Make sure you are not using a port (no number after mc.leatplex.net)
  2. If you still can't connect to the server, try connecting using the address
Bedrock Edition
  1. Make sure your port is set to 19132
  2. If you still can't connect to the server, try connectiong using the address and the port 19132

If you still can't connect to the server, please check that joining other Minecraft servers works. Our Minecraft server may also be temporarily down. Chances are it will work again in at most few hours.

LEATplex Community Guidelines

These rules add on to the Minecraft and Xbox Community Standards. You must still follow these and all other Community Guidelines governing Minecraft servers!

  1. Respect everyone: To promote a safe, kind, and welcoming community, treat other members with respect (i.e. the Golden Rule).
  2. No discrimination: Discrimination against anyone based on anything (race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) is not allowed.
  3. Keep chat PG-13: To be polite to everyone, please keep cursing to a minimum. Any 18+/NSFW, gore, or violent content is not allowed.
  4. Don't spam: Please don't spam the chat or advertise.
  5. Don't advertise: Don't advertise your Minecraft server (or anything else).
  6. Don't beg for ranks: Don't ask for ranks, that doesn't make us want to give you one.
  7. No doxxing: You will be banned if you dox, blackmail, or threaten to do either of these things.
  8. No hacking: Any Minecraft mods which give unfair advantages are not allowed.
  9. Don't exploit bugs: LEATplex is still under heavy development, so expect some bugs. If you find a bug, please report it. Exploiting bugs is not allowed.

Anyone found to be violating these rules will be kicked, muted, and/or banned from our community. Thank you for helping to keep LEATplex enjoyable for all :)